April 3, 2012

Sneak Peek

American Eagle Shorts, American Apparel Black T-Shirt, J. Crew Scarf, J. Crew Striped Sweater, and Plaid Work Shirt, Dolce Vita Shorts, Nine West Rain Jacket, St. Thomas Gold Cuff, Kate Spade Earrings and Necklace, Aerie Beaded Headband, and Coach Studded Bracelet
Hey Guys! I'm so sorry for my long absence;  I have been on a short trip to Atlanta and realized the hotel had no WiFi when I tried to post! Here is a quick peek at my packing for the trip. It was a small bag so you will see the same pieces in a few of my next outfits. It will be a good chance for me to show how patterns and accessories can be played with to create different looks!

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