September 5, 2012

Denim Redo

So I've basically been starting my jeans collection over from scratch, minus a few of my favorite pairs, as a start to the purging of my closet. I'm usually pretty organized and my closet has become a bit of an organized chaos situation! Of course the best part of getting rid of the old is introducing the new! Now my jeans will not only fit my body more comfortably (no more indent marks along my hips) but are much higher quality denim. Here are a couple pairs I found at great deals in the last couple weeks!
The first is a pair of Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans. These retail for $209, but I scored them from T.J. Maxx for only $50. I went for the full-on boyfriend look, destruction and all, but if you're a little nervous about the style you can opt for a pair in the middle ground with a little less destroying and a fit between baggy boyfriend and straight leg jeans. This cut fits almost every body type and comes in and out of style every few seasons, so it's great to finally have a pair.
The second is Joe's Jeans The Skinny Jean. Skinnies and jeggings are my go-to style, but I've been wearing the same American Eagle for Aerie jeggings for months now (I actually have two pairs of them!) so it was time to pick up another pair. These Joe's Jeans generally retail for $179 and were another Nordstrom Rack score on clearance for $47. A lot of people with wider hips tend to shy away from skinny jeans or jeggings because of their tight fit, but that's what I love about them! They are stretchy enough to fit through my butt and hips but still hug my legs where I get much smaller. If you're worried about the fit on top just start by pairing them with longer tops; you'll probably warm up to this style like I did!


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  1. I used to really dislike skinny jeans but lately I've come to embrace them. I am thinner in my lower half and am thicker in my stomach/torso and pairing skinny jeans with a looser/longer top shows off my legs and hides a bit of tummy at the same time.